Apple Vision Pro Feature: Control with eyes, 3D world in front of your eyes, you will be stunned to know the features of Apple Vision Pro! 

Apple Vision Pro Features

Apple Vision Pro

Apple has recently launched its first special computer, ( Apple Vision Pro ) Vision Pro. Which was in discussion for a long time. These are no ordinary looking glasses, but a revolutionary device that merges the digital world with your real world. Let us know some important things about Vision Pro ( Apple Vision Pro ) in this article:

Apple Vision Pro Feature
Apple Vision Pro Feature

Today, after the introduction of AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence in the country and the world, many more new gadgets are coming in the market, one of which is Virtual Reality (VR). Many big companies like Google, Facebook, Apple have been working in the virtual reality space for a long time. Meanwhile, Apple has launched a new gadget related to its Virtual Reality in the market, which people are surprised to see. With the help of which you can now enjoy Virtual Reality anywhere and can go to any location in the world just by using this gadget. 

What is Apple Vision Pro?

Apple Vision Pro is a pro handset gadget made by Apple company which is made with the help of AR and VR technology. With the help of Apple products, you can experience any other location through virtual reality sitting at home anywhere.

Along with this, this Apple Vision Pro also connects with the iPhone, with the help of which you can use your iPhone in the virtual world with a different experience.

Apple Vision Pro Feature

Apple Vision Pro list is given, you can see it.

ProductApple Vision Pro
Display23 million pixels Micro‑OLED 3D display system, Supported Refresh Rates: 90Hz, 96Hz, 100Hz
Video PlaybackSupports 24fps and 30fps for multiple playback, AirPlay-enabled device VisionOS for 1080p AirPlay Mirroring
ProcessorApple R1 dual-chip with Apple M2 (8-core CPU / 10-core GPU / 16-core Neural Engine)
Memory and Storage16GB unified memory, 256GB / 512GB / 1TB storage
Input MethodsHand, Eye, Voice Input
Sensors2 x High-Resolution Main Camera, 6 x World-Facing Tracking Camera, 4 x Eye-Tracking Camera, TrueDepth Camera, LiDAR Scanner, 4 x IMUs, Flicker Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor
ConnectivityWi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), Bluetooth 5.3
Weight600-650 g
Battery LifeGeneral Usage: 2 hours, Video Watch: 2.5 hours

Apple Vision Pro 3D Experiance

This Apple gadget comes in the form of a handset, in which the user has to put it in his eyes and after that as soon as a user activates it, a virtual world starts appearing in front of his eyes where you can see all the things in 3D. Appear in

Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro feature

Apple Vision Pro Operating System

Vision Pro has the world’s exclusive operating system, VisionOS. Which also gives you the experience of interacting with digital content as if it is happening in reality. Or imagine that you are watching your favorite movie, and here the characters are moving around you, or you can even talk to your friends in 3D.

 Apple Vision Pro Display Technology

The design of Apple Vision Pro also makes it special from other VR handsets. The Vision Pro features an ultra-high resolution display system, dual-chip design, and a high-quality audio system. All these together give you an incredible experience, which is not at all different from reality.

 Apple Vision Pro Gesture Control

You don’t need to pick up or hold anything to operate Vision Pro. You can select apps just by looking at their buttons and text. App icons and buttons move slightly when you look at them, indicating that you can select them. To make a selection, you can simply touch with the help of your fingers and can also scroll and rotate gently.

Control with eyes, hands and voice: Vision Pro also includes a new input system. You can interact with digital content with your eyes, hands and voice. The same EyeSight technology helps you stay connected with the people around you.

Apple Vision Pro 3D Camera

Apple Vision Pro is the world’s first 3D camera. You can take amazing 3D photos and videos in it. Then while watching these, you will feel as if you have gone back to that moment. Old photos and videos also look great. In this, panorama photos take you back to the same place where you took them. You can also take 3D videos with iPhone 15 and watch them on Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro Connect People

Vision Pro helps you stay connected with the people around you. The EyeSight feature lets you know whether you are using apps or are fully engaged in something else. When someone approaches you, Vision Pro makes it appear to you that you are looking at them at the same time.

 Apple Vision Pro Design & Comfort

Apple Vision Pro is very attractive and beautiful and light. It has a single piece lens that hides the cameras and sensors. The handset is 3D knitted which provides comfort and breathability. The battery is also light and can be easily kept in the pocket.

Apple Vision Pro Launch & Price in India

Apple company first launched the new Apple Vision Pro in the United States at a price of $3,500, which has been purchased by thousands of people so far and everyone is liking this Apple product very much. This virtual reality handset has been launched in India on 2 February 2024, whose price in India has been launched around Rs 2.8 lakh to Rs 3 lakh .

You get 256 GB of storage and it uses the camera so that you can see the outside world while using apps and videos. You can also get Jeans prescription lenses for an additional $149 (Rs 12,375).

The Vision Pro is definitely a glimpse of the future. This technology is still in its initial stages, but it can change our lives in the future. 

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