Ultraviolette F77 e-bike with 307Km range will be available at such a great price


Ultraviolette F77

Ultraviolette is a new automotive company started in 2015 by Narayan Subramaniam and Neeraj Rajmohan. This company works for electric mobility solutions within India. This company makes not only electric vehicles but also fun and engaging electric vehicles. This company has the support of TVS Motor Company, which is one of India’s largest two wheeler manufacturers.

The flagship product of this company is F77. F77 is a powerful electric motorcycle. This motorcycle was showcased at the Riddle Bar in November 2019. This motorcycle is India’s enigma high performance electric motorcycle. In this bike you get to see a great blend of futuristic aesthetic, advanced technology and powerful performance.

sleek design

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Ultraviolette F77

The F77 is actually an electric motorcycle inspired by fighter jets and aerospace engineering. You get to see a sharp and aggressive look in this motorcycle. You have been given a sleek and sleek body in this bike. This bike comes with LED headlight, big firing, wings and high tail. In this bike you get to see the stance of a street fighter. This bike is available in four attractive color options in India.

powerful performance

Ultraviolette F77
Ultraviolette F77

F77 is a powerful electric bike. In this bike you get to see a 10.3 kwh lithium ion battery. This battery is made up of three modular and swappable units. In this battery you get a rating of IP 67, which makes this battery water and dust resistant. In this bike you are also given an electric motor generating power of 39 hp. This motor produces a peak torque of 80 Nm in this motorcycle. In this bike you get a top speed of 152 kmph and a range of 307 Km.

Battery10.3 kwh lithium ion
battery ratingIP 67
Power39 hp
peak torque80 Nm
top speed152 kmph
Range307 Km

affordable price

The F77 is a game changer motorcycle in the electric motorcycle market in India. This motorcycle comes with a great combination of style, performance and technology. Ultraviolette has launched this bike at a very competitive price in India. The price of this bike starts from just Rs 3.80 lakh, which goes up to just Rs 5.60 lakh ex-showroom for its top variant.

variantdown paymentIex-showroom price
F77 Original₹ 76,000₹ 10,941₹ 3,80,000
F77 Recon₹ 91,000₹ 13,098₹ 4,55,000
F77 Space Edition₹ 1,12,000₹ 16,131₹ 5,60,000
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