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VR Punjab (Mohali) – Things to Know Before Visiting Mall

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VR Punjab: You must be searching for VR Punjab but are confused about where I can find a one-stop destination for all my shopping, dining, and entertainment needs. If this is your need then you are right page we have mentioned complete details about Mall.

And not just shopping-related things it has also multiplex cinema which make your entertainment superb on weekly basis blockbusters, making it the perfect place to catch a movie with your friends or family.

VR Punjab Mall

VR Punjab

VR Punjab is a shopping mall which is located in the city of Mohali, Punjab. It’s a famous one-stop destination for all movie lovers, shopping, and dining. Even VR Punjab mall has a wide range of stores selling everything from clothing and accessories to electronics and home furnishings. A complete place where you can do everything related to entertainment food and beverages.

VR Punjab vs Elante

VR Punjab and Elante are 2 popular shopping malls located in Chandigarh Tri-City. Both malls have common things like shopping, dining, and entertainment options, but there are some differences like size and location problems. we have mentioned the complete below in a table.

Aspect VR Punjab Elante
Location Mohali, Punjab Chandigarh, India
Size 0.9 million sq. ft. 1 million sq. ft.
Layout Vertical, multiple floors A spacious, central courtyard
Brands Diverse selection Luxury and premium brands
Entertainment Multiplex cinema, events, and activities Multiplex cinema, bowling alley, events
Dining Wide variety of options Wide variety of options
Facilities Ample parking, free Wi-Fi Ample parking, free Wi-Fi

As I mentioned in the above table, Both malls provide a variety of food, shopping, and entertainment opportunities, but they vary in terms of their setting, size, design, and brand offerings. One mall can be better suited for you than another depending on your choices and needs.

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